You don't have to be an Aromatherapist to use essential oils. Time for a little schooling 🤓

Aromatherapy works by the client inhaling essential oils and or applying them topically in order to stimulate the Olfactory system 👃💨 Smell receptors pick up molecules of the essential oil and then communicate to parts of the Limbic system such as your amygdala and hippocampus which are the areas in the brain where we store emotions and memories. The amygdala is important in controlling anxiety and fear, plays a roll in controlling aggression. The hippocampus is associated with learning and memory.

Aromatherapy has been noted as early as 1923 to have an immediate effect on respiration, pulse and blood pressure and a significant effect on the central nervous system. Aromatherapy can be combined with massage, yoga, acupuncture and diet as part of a holistic lifestyle ☯ 

A licensed Massage Therapist can use Young Living essential oils and offer the topical application of essential oils diluted with massage oils and/or an aroma experience using a diffuser. Massage already aids in an emotional release of things like depression and grieving. When you experience an intentional aromatherapy massage, true balance can occur. More on this can be found here.

These little bottles don't just have clever names. Most give you a clue as to what they can do for you, yet Young Living nor I can guarantee your experience. That is why I call it a journey...what works for me might be different for you. Part of the fun is finding YOUR oil. Its an investment that will help you grow in mind, body and soul once you really start looking into the amazing benefits of Young Living essential oils 😍💧🍃💯 The resources for education are endless! Get started today! Ask me how, or get with the person who invited you to this blog.


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